Mainstream media misses the issue, advocates disappointed: Tampa passes new ordinances on homeless despite protests – National Social Issues |

Another Florida community (Tampa) bites the dust on criminalization… Your thoughts on how the media portrayed the issue(s)?


Benjamin Franklin had it right!

What are your thoughts about this Benjamin Franklin quote?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

Our friend Glenn Paddock shared this & we had to let you know we totally agree!

Public affairs & government are not to be neglected when it comes to sharing Christianity & social justice commitments help us as Christians do that very effectively!

This not mixing church & state is fine for some but we’re all people of God & we all need to act like it & bring Jesus into the mix & conversation every chance we get.

We must also meet others where they are no matter what the discussion & situation – then Jesus shines through & we all get to a better place together!

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Looking at a new model for Housing the Homeless in Savannah (with a focus from the faith community equal to the Moore OK response)! | Larry Rice Offers Land to St. Louis County for Homeless Shelter « CBS St. Louis

Are you ready to see if the faith community can match their efforts to respond to the emergency relief efforts in Moore OK & apply that intensity to ending homelessness in our own community?

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

We’re pretty sure this isn’t the first example of the faith community engaging with a government to fulfill its desires to move ahead on some stalled plans (for building new shelters) for housing the homeless, but it serves as a great starting point for our discussions in Savannah!

Note: We are NOT advocating for more emergency shelters in Savannah, from the City or any other provider of homeless services!

We ARE advocating for Housing First model solutions, just now treating them as an emergency relief situation & an elevated crisis of the highest proportion, equal to a disaster recovery model for providing housing, now for the homeless who have been without attention & focus for way too long!

We have a new approach we’re researching for the housing itself (beyond container housing & on to something that’s meant to address emergency relief)!

We are particularly interested in this post as…

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When we reject giving housing first to our homeless are we rejecting Jesus? | Is there a call for social justice to the churches & God’s people here? | Sculpture of Jesus the Homeless rejected by two prominent churches | Toronto Star

Here’s a hopefully thought provoking post about tying the fact that a sculpture of “Jesus the Homeless” was in fact “homeless”, how under the bridge ministries (as a natural extension to our street ministries) reach the homeless in their ultimate pain, to the need for a renewed effort to treat homelessness as a social justice issue (by creating “The Just Church”).

We can only pray that this effort can have our community (village) see the value in an interfaith effort to deliver on the Housing First model to make a difference in Savannah’s approach to ending homelessness!

Homelessness in Savannah, Stories for Learning

ChooseCompassion-HFSAs a part of our “Choose Compassion, See What Happens” Campaign (materials & focus courtesy of Savannah Christian Church) we offer an opportunity, through Bible Study Plans (from YouVersion), to get in touch with your commitment for giving compassion a chance & develop a Biblical basis for choosing compassion & fighting against in-justice.

Some would call this getting the body of Christ in tune with its role in fighting for social justice.

We call it getting ready to find a role for the faith community to work together to end homelessness for those needing to feel the love of a Lord & His people who can give them hope when they are hopeless!

After your Bible Study & when your showing your commitment to Choose Compassion is ready to engage, look us up for our Housing First Savannah project & see about engaging with us as we…

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“Are We Going to die in our religion or are we going to die in our devotion?” | David Platt- Religion or Devotion? – YouTube

“Are We Going to die in our religion or are we going to die in our devotion?”

via David Platt- Religion or Devotion? – YouTube.

via “Are We Going to die in our religion or are we going to die in our devotion?” | David Platt- Religion or Devotion? – YouTube.